textAnchors 1.0

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• Set Anchors for Text Layers

• Keyframe Text Anchor Points

   Take full control of your text animations.

      textAnchors is a dockable script panel for Adobe After Effects for quickly setting text anchor points.

After Effects has some "hidden" text properties...

Text animation isn't the most fun process. Sure, you can select how your text animates onscreen by character, word, etc. But the animation defaults to scaling and rotating per character and always from the baseline, which doesn't always match the look or feel that you want.


Changing only the anchor grouping with textAnchors.

Quickly anchors to the center, corners, and edges of your text.

Quickly anchors to the center, corners, and edges of your text.

textAnchors gives you more control.

Not only can textAnchors quickly change your anchor groupings, but it can also quickly set your anchor points within those groups. Make your text scale/rotate from the lower-left of every line, or the top-center of each word, or the left side of your text as whole.

As a bonus, hold alt/option when you set an anchor point to set a keyframe for even more unique-looking animations!

Give your text animations more character!

That pun was super intended.

textAnchors works best paired with tools like:

                      •  Type Array by Paul Slemmer (my preference)                         

•   TextEvo by Matthieu Wlazinski

                               •  Textor by Marco Sanasi                                      

Text animation can be one of the more tedious tasks for a working motion designer, but it doesn't have to take long.

Huge thanks to Zack Lovatt for his insight and help during the development process.


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